Digitalisation & Opportunities For Healthcare, Entertainment & Retail In Times of Covid19 – Real Conversations With Shailesh Haribhakti

Hosted by Ritu Kant Ojha, Author of Real Conversations In Digital Age & CEO, Proact Communications. Today’s guest is Shailesh Haribhakti who is a global thought leader and Chairman of the Board of Directors for several large corporations including:
– Baker Tilly DHC Private Limited
– Blue Star Limited
– Confederation of Indian Industry – CII (Western Region)
– Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd.
– Institute of Directors – IoD (Western Region)
– L&T Finance Holdings Ltd.
– L&T Mutual Fund Trustee Ltd.
– Mentorcap Management Pvt Ltd.
– New Haribhakti Business Services LLP
– NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited
– Planet, People & Profit Consulting Ltd.

Who would have thought in January 2020 that just in a few weeks, almost all employees would be working from home, all events would move to webinars and the courts would start conducting an online hearing. But it is a reality we are living with and do not even know till when it will continue. 

And who knows, some of it will become a reality that we will have to live with for our entire life. While it is obvious that the digital and online world has taken over our lives as we are locked-down in our homes, it is time to assess how an individual, a small business or large corporate can convert this pain into an opportunity. 

To talk more about the impact on healthcare, retail, e-commerce, and entertainment sector along with the opportunities, we have with us Mr Shailesh Haribhakti. He is a Board Chairman, Audit Committee Chair and Independent Director at some of the country’s most preeminent organizations. He is a well-known thought leader on the Indian Economy and Public Policy.