Investing In Stock Markets In Times of Covid19 – Real Conversations With Ambareesh Baliga

This is part of the Real Conversations Podcast, hosted by Ritu Kant Ojha, Author of Real Conversations in Digital Age & CEO of Proact Communications
While Indians typically invest in Gold and Real Estate, the number of people buying stocks has been increasing steadily over the last 20 years. Today we will be discussing some basic questions over the uncertainty around stock investing and a few common phrases which we often hear from the experts.

We are joined by one of India’s leading stock market experts – Ambareesh Baliga. He is probably the most sought-after voices by all top news channels and newspapers when it comes to the Indian share market. Since the topic is so complicated we will cover it in two episodes. If you are listening to the first episode, make sure to tune-in for the second one as well where we will delve a little deeper into stock market investing. Understand the basics of stock markets, why FII inflows are important, how this could be India’s decade, avoiding stock market mistakes and tips for young traders.