Are You Making Your Child Mentally Weaker: Dr Roma Kumar

This is part of the Real Conversations Podcast, hosted by Ritu Kant Ojha, Author of Real Conversations in Digital Age & CEO of Proact Communications.

Most people alive today would have never experienced a pandemic like novel coronavirus in their life. But the children, unfortunately, are also going through it. Suddenly the schools are shut, they are promoted to the next class without exams, they cannot go out to play or even meet their friends. How can we use this time to bond with children?

Are we just too careful about everything and invest a lot of time figuring which brands to buy for our children and pushing them all the time to get better marks in exams, than to actually invest more time to pass on the values or help them build emotional resilience?
Is your child showing signs of anxiety? It could be the start of the depression. How to identify?
How those co-parenting can steer the period of lock-down and use it to spend the time with child together?
To discuss what parents could do in this scenario is the topic of today’s podcast. We are joined by a well-known child psychologist, Dr Roma Kumar.